The Prophets are Wrong

I have confidence in a few prophets who are speaking today, including Timothy Dixon, Kent Christmas, and other lessor known ones. HOWEVER, the prophets do not always correctly interpret their own prophecies. For a correct interpretation you need to correctly understand Bible prophecy.

Many prophets are today predicting a coming Great Revival, and following this great harvest of souls, the church will rule gloriously. I agree with these prophecies, but they are making wrong conclusions from them, which is that now is NOT the time for the Great Tribulation, WW3, the Wrath of God upon the world.

What they do not understand is that this revival will grow at the same time that the darkness in the world is increasing. And this increasing darkness and light will continue until the Great Harvest (Final Rapture) seen in Rev. 14; the one like the Son of Man sitting on the white cloud will harvest the Earth. This is followed immediately by the grapes being trampled in the winepress of God’s Wrath, which is billions of people being killed by asteroid impacts, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc.

The only survivors of this Wrath will be Christians, who will then rule the planet under the authority of Christ. So the prophets are not wrong, but they are wrong in claiming that what is coming does NOT include WW3 and the Great Tribulation.

They do not understand that the MAIN Rapture is at the end of the Great Tribulation. There is going to be another smaller one, which I call the FirstFruits Rapture, which is takes place when the Two Witnesses rise to heaven.

They are expecting a very soon return of Donald Trump to rule the nation in great prosperity. DT will return, but things are not going to happen the way they think; the prosperity will return AFTER the global destruction of God’s Wrath.

Here are some possible scenarios:

DT is elected, but the DeepState (Democrat-Communists) call upon the Democrat states to not recognize his election, and they withdraw from the union causing a split in the country. DT is president of the Republican states and Obama is elected to rule the Democrat states.

A different scenario is they cheat again and take full control of the government, so the Republican states withdraw and DT is president of the Republican States.

Things continue to worsen in the war in Ukraine and it grows into a European war, and then WW3. With the USA split, Russia, China, and their allies invade the USA, at least several cities are nuked.

Prophecies have long existed that clearly say, when the missiles come down, the (FirstFruits) Rapture takes place; which is the first Rapture. This Rapture will only take the most righteous Christians, those with sin in their lives will not go. The ones who do NOT go are shown to us in the parable of the Bridesmaids.

So you see, the prophecies can be correct, but the additional information which the prophets are saying about to the prophecies are wrong.