Quotes from David Wilkerson

Here are some quotes from a book by Nicky Cruz, about David Wilkerson, which contains mostly quotes of Dave talking to Nicky. The book is titled, David Wilkerson: A Final Warning. Another edition is called, Final Warning, by Nicky Cruz and David Wilkerson.

Some of the statements are prophetic, some just observations from a man of God.

“America will turn its back on New York City. . . . New York City has been known for years as the in place to do business, not any more. God is going to take it away. He is going to isolate the city, Nicky. Broadway is going to go into a tailspin. Then, its bright lights are going to go dark. It is going to be something to behold. There is going to be massive unemployment. There is going to be no real estate market in New York.

“The Japanese will be going home,” said Dave. “They are going to demolish our bond market and then pull out. The same thing that came over Japan during World War II will emerge again – a new kind of nationalism that will overcome even their spirit of greed. . . . “Nicky, write this down: God is going to embarrass Wall Street and the whole greed machine. Here is how it is going to happen. I picture a fatalistic, lethargic madness. Wall Street is going to drift into a disaster on a cocaine high. We have a man of God, a former vice president of one of the Wall Street firms.

“He was fired recently. He told me, ‘Brother Dave, I wouldn’t play their dirty games. I wouldn’t work under the table.’ But he said more than that, ‘I wouldn’t snort cocaine with them.’ He said only two men in his whole department are not on cocaine. Everybody, including the leaders, are all stoned, their making their deals under the influence of coke. They don’t care, it’s other people’s money….

“Do you know why it’s not going to be a panic? Because they are going to be stoned. (page 32-33)

“Wall Street’s dying. It’s all going to the European Common Market. Brussels will be the center of the financial world, not New York. Wall Street is just going to fade away. We are going to become a third-class power in a very short time…. God Himself is going to be in our midst and be our refuge in this time of trouble, Nicky…. And He’ll not let you starve. Not one of us who trusts in God is going to be down on 42nd Street sleeping in a cardboard box.” (page 34-35)

“It seems like the devil has set up New York City as his kingdom. This is the seat of Babylon.” (page 45

“Nicky, I’ve been driven away from the kind of prophecy where you hear a preacher come to the pulpit, and say, ‘I had a dream last night, or I had a prophecy, or I had a vision last night,’” Dave told me. “I believe in dreams, and I believe in visions. But much of it’s not anchored in the Word of God. And I tell you the truth, there have been times I have missed it so bad. I thought I had the mind of God, but I didn’t have it anchored in the World. Because of that, I have been driven to the Word of God to find a Bible principle for every prophetic utterance the Lord calls me to make….

“Nicky, if prophecy isn’t anchored in the Word of God, you’re going to be believing all kinds of foolishness. You’re going to be tossed by every wind and wave of false doctrine and you’re going to fall for all kinds of prophecies that sound good, that sound spectacular, but don’t have an ounce of truth.” (page 105)

“Nicky, we’ve got thousands and thousands of self-proclaimed prophets today. We’ve got schools of prophets. I’ve had so many prophets come to this church and they come to me with some message from the Lord that just doesn’t ring true to what the Bible says. When I won’t listen to what they say, they pronounce curses on me. That’s right! I’ve been cursed by some of these so-called prophets. I don’t believe a man’s a prophet if he curses people.” (page 108-109)

“I am speaking out right now in my ministry about the death of the United States, the downfall of America. We have reached a point where Noah, Daniel and Moses began to pray the Lord would deliver their own souls. But people don’t want to hear that sort of thing, Nicky!”… I’m very hopeful for the church, but as far as our society, we are under divine judgment.” (page 109)

“One day soon, Japan will quit buying our government bonds – as will all other nations. We will not be able to finance our massive debt. It will all tumble and fall…. The day is coming when many of these towers will stand empty like giant, decaying tombstones, full of homeless people.” (page 127)