Prophecy of Roman Catholicism in the Old Testament (but not a good one)

For over ten years many individuals, families, and even whole churches have converted from Protestantism to Roman Catholicism. In 2014 major magazines like Charisma and Christianity Today reported that Ulf Ekman, pastor of a Pentecostal mega church in Sweden, converted to Roman Catholicism. He was called the most influential Christian leader in Sweden in the last 50 years.Even though I believe that good Catholics can make heaven, before anyone converts to Catholicism, there is a prophecy from Zechariah they need to know about.

A prophecy in Zechariah 11 is mostly ignored, because people do not know what it means, that is, until now. Right after the prophecy of thirty pieces of silver, which most Christians know refers to Judas betraying Christ, there is another prophecy (11:15-17) that says God will raise up a shepherd in the world that starts out with two good eyes and two good arms, but will have one eye blinded and one arm withered, and not take care of the flock. This shepherd will:

. . . not care for those who are perishing, nor seek the young, nor heal the broken, nor feed those who are standing still. But he will eat the flesh of the fat and tear their hoofs in pieces.

Some translations call this shepherd the “foolish shepherd,” some call it the “worthless shepherd.” The English translation of the LXX calls it the “unskillful shepherd.”

The right arm becoming crippled and useless signifies that this church will not carry out the functions of true Christianity for the benefit of the people as instructed in the Bible. Its right eye becoming blinded signifies a loss of insight and understanding of the truth. It departs from the faith outwardly in how it acts and operates, and it departs from the truth with false doctrines. This shepherd is without a doubt, the RCC.

It is not a coincidence that this passage occurs immediately after the prophecy about Judas betraying Christ. The prophecy tells us about the church that came into dominance during the first 400 years after Christ’s death. It is a half-false church. Yet it still does have one good eye and one good arm.

The obvious question is, why would God raise up such as shepherd? I believe God raised up the Roman Catholic Church for two reasons: one is because it held to the correct view of Christ, being God in the flesh who died on the cross and rose again on the third day. God also used the RCC to root out other competing beliefs like Arianism, and Nestorianism.

Because of the large number of Christians who held contrary beliefs, it is entirely possible that if any one of them had won out, it would have fundamentally changed how Christians view Jesus and God, to this day. Christians who believe in the Trinity would be the heretics.

The prophecy says nothing about this shepherd having the bad eye healed, or the withered arm healed. So if anyone desires to convert to the RCC, they need to know about this prophecy, because it shows exactly how God sees the Roman church. There are also many Charismatics who are buddy-buddy with the Pope and the RCC.

Michael D. Fortner is skilled thinking outside the box and figuring things out. He is the author of four books on Bible prophecy: