General Update: 2020, 2021, 2022

UPDATE: It is the opinion of this author that what we are seeing with the C-19 virus is the beginning of the Great Tribulation. I show in my book, The Final Antichrist: Barack Obama, that something big will happen in America and President Trump and Pence will be forced to step down, NOW WE KNOW what it was! They did not steal the election for Biden, or even Harris, but for Obama, to keep him and Hillary out of prison; and now he is telling Biden and his handlers what to do.

I would have been surprised if Trump had completed his second term, because I believe 2020 was the first year of the Great Tribulation. We usually have wicked rulers when judgment comes. Back in 2008 economic problems hit the US literally weeks before Obama was elected and lasted most of his 8 years.

So with great problems coming to the USA because of the Great Tribulation, I would expect the wicked to be in power, AND SO IT IS that they are now in power. But if Trump or a Republican is elected again things are not become suddenly good again, because we are in the Great Trib.

Expect worsening economic, social, and political problems, and of course some bad natural disasters as well. Do not be surprised by large earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or even small asteroid impacts. UPDATE: In case you are not fully informed, there is now, in 2021, a plague of mice in Australia, a plague of locusts in Africa headed for the US, many volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, prices are going way up, there is a growing list of products that are in short supply, global dept is sky-rocketing. Just more PROOF that we are in the Great Tribulation.

Update August 2021:

I said when the US invaded Afghanistan that they would never defeat the Taliban, because money poured in from Muslims all around the world, and even men went there for the glory of fighting and killing Americans. Turns out I was right, imagine that. Took 20 years, but proven.

Update Feb. 2022:

Since we are in the Great Tribulation, the war in Ukraine is no surprise. I felt something bad was going to happen in Feb. of this year involving bombs, and it turned out to be this war. Now I believe it will grow into a European war and then into WW3 in 2-3 years. Things are progressing just as I would expect.

The present war in Ukraine, which will likely grow into WW3, WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED were it not for what Obama and the CIA did in Ukraine in 2014. THEY orchestrated the Orange Revolution of 2014 that ousted the Russian backed leader and installed a US backed leader. (For the evidence, seen Ukraine on Fire, by Hollywood director Oliver Stone who went to Ukraine and dug up the evidence. It can be seen on Amazon Prime.)

Therefore, Obama and the CIA are JUST AS GUILTY as Putin for all the death and destruction that is happening and will happen. Putin knows that they did the coup, and he did not want them to control Ukraine. No one has a right to control Ukraine, but Russia is right next door, so it would be better to have a Russian backed leader; and it is understandable that Putin did not want the US controlling a nation right next to him.

So as the death toll rises, just keep in mind who started all of this, it was OBAMA and the CIA. Which is makes sense, since he is THE ANTICHRIST.