Additional Historical info on Daniel 11

This is only for those who have read the book that contains teaching on Daniel 11. Here is some historical information that supports what I gave on the subject. This information was found in The Latter Rain Evangel of Nov. and Dec. 1912, before the massacres took place:

Wars and Rumors of War:

Archibald Forder, missionary to the Ishmaelites, is still carrying the Gospel over the burning sands of Arabia. His life is often in great peril, but God so far has always protected him. He writes us under date of October 12th:

“Just now things are very uncertain here in this empire. No one can be trusted but our God. he abideth faithful, and this is our only stay and comfort. Wars and rumors of wars have set the people boiling with rage against the Christians, and we feel we are sitting on a volcano that is just about to explode. The prayers of the friends are much needed at this time, for we know not what any day may bring for us, and we believe that so far the prayers of God’s people have restrained the hand of the murderer and fanatic.” (The Latter Rain Evangel, Nov., 1912, page 12)

Wars, Pestilence and Famine:

Those who believe we are living in the end of the age are keenly interested in the war now being waged between Turkey and the four allied powers on her borders.

“Turkey in Europe” has been invaded by Montenegro, Servia and Bulgaria, and Grecian warships guard the Turkish coast and claim the right to capture merchant vessels going in and out of Turkish ports.

The real cause of the war is the persecution of Christians under rule of the Mohammedan power. King Ferdinand of Bulgaria, in his proclamation regarding the cause of the war, said he had hoped his peaceful reign would never be stained by blood, but “Providence has judged otherwise.” He adds:

“The moment has come when the Bulgarian race is called upon to renounce the benefits of peace and have recourse to arms. Beyond the mountains our brothers in blood and religion have not been able unto this day, thirty-five years after our own liberation, to obtain conditions of life that are bearable. The tears of Balkan Slavs, and the groaning of millions of Christians, could not but stir our hearts and the hearts of our co-religionists. Our love of peace is now exhausted. To succor the Christian population of Turkey there remains to us no other means than to turn to arms.”

It is said that the Christians of Macedonia have suffered the most cruelty because of the Mohammedan persecution. Macedonia is inhabited chiefly by Christians, but they are under the rule of Turkey and the Mohammedan soldiers treat them with the most revolting brutality. (The Latter Rain Evangel, Dec., 1912, page 13)